The project name ‘Impactive’ originates from our aim, which is to have an impact on disabled people’s lives, to assist them in being active members of society. Disability can never be a reason to stop you from being an active member of the community! This is what we believe in and want to convey through this project.

This project is not only about aiding people with disability; it also targets developing their skills in the process.

We aim to tackle challenges that disabled people face during their everyday lives through the design and build of customised equipment/accessories, so they can enjoy a more independent life.

This will be achieved with the help of the clients themselves, since the idea of the project is not only to find solutions for them, but to immerse them in the process. This allows them to be a part of the problem-solving, enabling them to find solutions for themselves.

Through interaction via planning and brainstorming with volunteering teams, the client  ideas that will best suit their needs. We will then execute those ideas to the best of our ability to produce a solution that will make their lives easier.


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