Project Impactive is a student-led volunteering project based in University College London (UCL). We work with UCL's Volunteering Service, with a project supervisor that offers resources and advice. 

We partner with external organisations, including the Global Disability Innovation Hub, Remap and MERU to secure contacts/cases. O
rganisations such as the Global Disability Innovation Hub put us in touch with people that we can work with in achieving their hopes and aspirations by creating bespoke equipment in collaboration with them.

The way that each project works is shown in the flowchart below:


For any given project stream, the teams meet with the clients to better understand the project requirements. The team then works together to brainstorm and design a solution. During the design process, teams have panel meetings to acquire technical assistance from teaching staff from UCL Mechanical Engineering department. Working on feedback from these panels, the teams are able to build the working prototype in the Institute of Making

In the 2017/ 2018 period, we had 17 volunteers that worked on 4 projects.

For the 2018/ 2019 period, we have 40 volunteers working on 8 projects. 

For the 2019/ 2020 period, we have 33 volunteers working on 10 projects.