At Project Impactive, we aim to resolve accessibility issues with the "good design is inclusive design" mentality. Our dedicated teams of voluntary engineers make sure to actively collaborate with partners and clients using our unique participatory design-led approach, working to ensure the device users can enjoy a more independent lifestyle that they are in control of. For any given project, the technical teams work with their client's input to brainstorm, design and build a solution roughly within a three-month timeline. The outcomes of this process are flexible and are made to meet our clients' needs, be it just a model, a working prototype or a fully functional product modified to fit the user's specification.

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We engage with all people irrespective of their type of disability, age, race, or colour: previous projects have been completed for children in partnership with schools like Swiss Cottage School as well as for individuals of all identities with larger organisations like Global Disability Innovation Hub, Remap and MERU

As part of the engineering process, the teams receive technical support from various academics and experts. Previous mentors who have offered assistance in the form of panel meetings to assess the teams' designs have been Dr Ali Abolfathi, Dr Will NewtonDr Helge A Wudemann and Dr Eral Bele.



Team Members:
Gurdeep Sangha, Yuh Shyuan Lee, Anthony Chong

Our client is a 'walking tetraplegic' due to a spinal cord injury, resulting in partial paralysis of affected limbs. She uses a wheelchair and is housebound due to 8 steps outside her front door. Our project involves designing a device to carry her mobility aid up and down the stairs independently.

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We are always looking for individuals and partners who are passionate about accessibility to join our technical team so we can work towards building a more inclusive future! Contact us at admin@projectimpactive.co.uk to find out more.