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Our client have would like to have a great range of movement in their ankles.


Our project is going to make design a footplate which he can angle in order to get a greater range of motion in his ankles when he stands

Team Members

Karol Murawski ᴸ, Michal Pawlik, Equate Gallardo


Our client is a wheelchair user and would like to be able to drink independently.


Our project involves designing a device which can securely hold many different types/sizes of cups so that she can drink whenever she wants.

Team Members

Shen Loong Tee ᴸ, Chaeyeon Kim, 

Arshia Fazeli


Our client works with Spinal Muscular atrophy. They would like to be able to control the up-down movement in their wheelchair.


Our project involves designing a device which is used to control hi-lo function and facilitating more independence for the client.

Team Members

Yousef Mahmoud ᴸ, Gautam Prakash, 

Jeref Merlin


Our client  with  Repetitive Strain Injury(RSI) and would like to able to use a exercise machine


Our team is going to build a device that can attach the pulleys system so that he can use the exercise machine.

Team Members

Rafizul Islam ᴸ, Layyaba Javaid,

Susana Zhou


Our project involves designing a gaming controller that is capable of being used with a single fully dexterous hand. So that the user can competitively play common platforms such as FIFA 20, Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto V

Team Members

Jun Gan ᴸ, Arundathi Shaji Shanthini, 

Zarin Haque


Our client would like to be able to speak to people more confidently and independently.


Our project involves designing an interactive board which has buttons to play audios and attach to the removable tray of the wheelchair.

Team Members

Coming Soon… ᴸ, 

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Our client would like to be able to have a a platform/trailer on their wheelchair so they can carry a ventilator which enables a client to access it quickly and easily in case of an emergency.


Our team project involves designing a platform/trailer that is compatible with the ‘Bugzi’ wheelchair.

Team Members

Shrey Aggarwal ᴸ, Mazharul Ahmed


Our client is a wheelchair user and would like to be able to use the pedals of a piano.

Our project involves designing a potable device which works smoothly and silently to enable a client to use the pedals of a piano. works smoothly and silently.

Team Members

Bryan Ko ᴸ, Charles  Constant,

Michal Pawlik



Our client has muscular dystrophy (MD) and cannot hold a pen without being very tired.  He is an avid photographer and wants to practice his hobby. Our team built a camera holder that is attached to a wheelchair for when he wants to take pictures on the go.

Team Members

Kwaku Owusu-Ansah, Odekhoa Okaisabor,

Kelechi Odom, Mohamed Jabeen


Our client utilises a wheelchair, and needs an umbrella holder for it to store her umbrella while she is on the go. 

Our team design and manufactured a prototype of the umbrella holder. They are currently modifying the design after receiving feedback from the client.   

Team Members

Kar Win Low, Jenny Luo, 

James Zhang,  Junrong Yao


Our client with Multiple sclerosis (MS) lost body strength to hold up her left side, leaning sideways. We built a wheelchair side-support to prevent her leaning sideways outside the chair.

Team Members

Mohamed Afify, Ahmed Salem


Our client uses a triwalker and oxygen cylinder. She finds it difficult to enter her home with the equipment due to her age and physical ability. We built a mechanism to get her in and out of the front door in an easier manner.

Team Members

Afif Farhan, Pisit (Eric) Dechpob, Sufi Syahir



Our client is a 'walking tetraplegic' due to a spinal cord injury, resulting in partial paralysis of affected limbs. She uses a wheelchair and is housebound due to 8 steps outside her front door.

Our project involves designing a device to carry her mobility aid up and down the stairs independently. 

Team Members

Gurdeep Sangha ᴸ, Yuh Shyuan Lee, Anthony Chong


Our client is has Repetitive Strain Injury affecting both hands. He is advised to exercise his arms but needs to attach  weights to his arms instead of his hands.

Our project involves designing a heavy-duty padding to cover his arms with a rigid component. The device will allow for push, pull, and lateral movements. 

Team Members

Matthew Lee ᴸ, Dillon Kalicharan, Rita Kharboush, ¹ Sandiarta Hadiprawira


Our client is born with no fingers on her left hand. She is currently doing her GCSE in Photography and would like a device to help her with that,  

Our project involves designing a device for her to take pictures at different angles. The team has designed, built, and delivered the device to the client.

Team Members

Gustavo Parucker ᴸ, Gautam Prakash, Jaineel Pareekh, Yi Ying Tan ¹, Mohammed Jabeen ¹


Our client chronic fatigue syndrome, restraining her from lifting her arms for long periods of time. She has two horses that she would like to groom daily.

Our project involves designing a device to assist her in grooming the horses without lifting her arms. The team has a design with an elevated platform. 

Team Members

Emmanuel Bijaoui ᴸ, Aryana Avaei,

Regina Vivian Barli


Our client is deaf with visual impairment issues. This led to concerns regarding his safety when crossing the road.

Our project involves designing an audio based device to alert him of hazards when he is out and about. The team is currently working on the electronics and code required for the device. 

Team Members

Cristina Fiani ᴸ, Andreea Cucius, Oreoluwa Babasina, Vincent Tan, Hongyi Yang¹


Our client suffered from a viral infection in the previous years and her nervous system is still recovering. She has to use crutches to walk. She would like an adaptation for her crutches for her hand.

This project involves designing a permanent adaptation to keep the clasp on and make the insert more comfortable. 

Team Members

Samer El Gharib ᴸ, Shrey Aggarwal, 
Saad Aziz, Tomas Pires, Bryan Gunawan¹



Our client has Motor Neurone Disease (MND). He wishes to continue pursuing his hobbies through his iPad and laptop, but can only use them for short periods of time.


Our project involves designing a device that allows him to operate his iPad and laptop with as little effort as possible.

Team Members

Candice Hughes ᴸ, Karol Murawski,
Mohd Azrai Zain Bin Ariffin


Our client is a 'walking tetraplegic' due to a spine injury. Due to paralysis of her affected limbs, she has poor hands but can walk a bit. She uses a wheelchair around the house. 

Our project involves designing a device for her to hold drinks to carry around the house. Currently, modifications are being made to the current prototype. 

Team Members

Sakusan Puwanendran ᴸ, Aure Enkaoua,

Amira Elbadrawy